Tuesday, 5 January 2016

MUDIT VRIDDHI 6.0 : Real-Time Marketplace Simulation

Ahoy biz folks! Here comes the real test of your skills. How well do you think you can wield your marketing swords and multiply money? And mind you, your hard earned money, earned through your fencing (marketing and selling) skills, would go for the benefit of the underprivileged children while you go home with a prize money worth Rs. 80,000*!!!!!! But only those, who survive the gruelling test of the mind and the body, can come out as the true winners!

Coz’ when the stakes are high, and the consequences - that really matter, the best comes out in people!
So, do you think you have it in you?


This event is divided into three parts and all parts demand creativity from the participants to proceed from one round to the other.
 Round 1 (QUIZ): 
1. There will be an online quiz which will evaluate the knowledge, creativity and analytical skills of the participants.
2. 30 questions will be asked in the quiz.
3. Participants need to register at the link

Round 2 (Weightage of 65%):
1. The shortlisted teams will be invited to IIM Raipur and the event will happen throughout Raipur city.
2. This will be a whole day event.
3. The teams will be provided with certain goods acquired from a tribal region and they will be required to sell these goods in the market with an objective of maximization of profit.
4. Teams will gain the marks on the basis of profit they have earned.
5. This round will hold a weightage of 65% and rest 35% will lie with the next round.

Round 3 (Weightage of 35%):

1. Teams will be required to give a presentation on activities they have performed during this event.
2. Teams will gain the marks on the basis of creativity they have applied in selling the products.
3. Teams will also gain the marks on the basis of how they have applied class-room concepts in the real life scenario through this event.
4. Final winner will be the one who will collectively gain the highest marks in Round 2 and Round 3.


  • The event is open to the students of all the B-Schools
  • This is a team participation event
  • Each team comprises of exactly 4 members
  • Multiple teams from a single college can register
  • Certificates will be awarded to all the finalists
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgment lies with the Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club, IIM Raipur

P.S: Travel Expenses of Rs 1500 per participant (not for winners) and accommodation would be provided for On-Campus round.

*Terms and conditions applied
Through Dare2Compete

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Point of Contact:
Shreya Agarwal
Mobile: 7225018048
Email: cec@iimraipur.ac.in

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