Saturday, 13 January 2018

#Kickstart Raipur - Pitching Session

The Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club IIM Raipur Conducted #Kickstart Raipur in Association with 36inc and Headstart on Jan 13th 2018. Kickstart is an event where startups pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and battle it out to show that they're the best of the best. The Event was conducted in the Conference room at IIM Raipur. This is the first time such an event has been organised in Chattisgarh, and we are very proud to have been associated with the same. Winners from this event will compete in the All India Finals happening at Bangalore in February.

The Jury consisted of esteemed guests like Neha Tandon Sharma (Founder and Partner at Aeterno Partners), Bharat Kapoor (Investor With 50K Ventures), Ashutosh Tripathi (Executive Director of Krishna Public School), Anshul Dave (CEO & Partner at Oceans Bridge), Satish Premchandani (Owner of Homewalks Realtors),  Arun Patro (Chief ministers fellow – CS Office), Gaurav Agrawal (Director at 50K Ventures), Manish Agrawal (Founder & CEO of Techment Technology), Manish Mohta (Director of Learning Spiral Pvt Ltd) and Ranjan Kotnala (Senior Consultant).

After inviting applications from across the state of chattisgarh, startups were shortlisted to the final round after careful scrutiny. 2 Wildcard entries were also taken from the student community of IIM Raipur. The Startups were from various sectors like Education and Ed.Tech, Drone Technologies, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Employment platforms, HealthTech, Building Solutions, Hyperlocal Groceries, Analytics and Tech.

These teams battled it out in a fiery closed door pitch session to ask the investors for funds and support. 5 mins were given to each team for the pitch and another 5 minutes for the Q&A session. The Questioning round itself was an eye opener to all the aspiring entrepreneurs on how they need to prepare for a session like this and from what all angles the investors look at a project. The event was a great opportunity for exposure, experience and learning for both the student and the startup community. 

The CEC club took immense pleasure to host the event, serving as a platform for the students, entrepreneurs and the investor community to connect. It is our mission to do everything in our capacity to encourage, foster, & provide students with the resources and network to grow and develop their entrepreneurial drives. In this direction, we consider this event as a footstep in building stronger associations and widen our network in the startup ecosystem of Raipur.  

Launch of New Official Logo !

We are pleased to release / share the New Official Logo of our club with you.  

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Club's Mission Statement"To foster the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students and to provide them a platform with ample learning opportunities & industry exposure in Consulting domain through various events, projects, guest lectures, competitions and networking engagements. While the club aims to help the student fraternity with resources to make informed career decisions in Consulting Industry, it also strives to promote business initiatives of aspiring entrepreneurs from the Institute."  

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Consulting Bytes #5 (India : Comparison of E-Commerce Business)

The topic for this byte is "India vs. BRICs: a comparison of the e-commerce ecosystem"

Please go through the report on the link to read the rest of the Report:$FILE/EY-india-vs-BRICs-a-comparison-of-the-e-commerce-ecosystem.pdf

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Consulting Bytes #2 (Banking & Finance)

Happy Reading!

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Consulting Bytes #1

Since Consulting is a field not limited to any silo and spreads across Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR, we would be sharing industry reports, articles, current happenings, trends, news clippings, frameworks, etc periodically from the domains and spread across the domains, to keep you up to date with various industries.

Read the report to find out factors that would fuel growth!

#Kickstart Raipur - Pitching Session

The Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club IIM Raipur Conducted #Kickstart Raipur in Association with 36inc and Headstart on Jan 13 th 2018...