Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Consulting Workshop by Zenesys

The Consulting & Entrepreneurship Club (CEC) of IIM Raipur made a head start for the students of academic year 2014-16 by conducting a workshop by Mr. Karan Ahuja from ZENeSYS Learning. Mr. Karan enlightened students by explaining about Consulting, its scope, various fields of consulting and careers. Various queries posed by inquisitive students of the institute in this regard were addressed by Mr.Ahuja. He also explained about his experiences on IIM life and professional career.

The inputs given by Mr. Karan on attempting case-studies and handling case-interviews were very informative, which is much needed for the students of first year. The speaker also emphasized the importance of the certifications through live projects provided by ZENeSYS Learning. The interactive workshop by Mr.Karan inspired many students who envisage themselves as Consultants.


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