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Mudit Vriddhi Benefaction Ceremony 2016

To learn, earn and return – these are the three phases of lifeJack Balousek
Mudit Vriddhi– the flagship event ofConsulting and Entrepreneurship Club, sponsored by Sarda Group, was started to test the learning skills of the participants, their ability to earn using creative and out-of-the box business ideas and to return to the society a part of what we take from it.
This year the event was held duringEquinox 6.0on 30th January 2016. Each team was provided with artifacts worth Rs. 1000 which they were supposed to sell in the market areas of Raipur. The items allotted to each team wereBastar art artifacts that they were supposed to sell in the market. Among the artifacts, was also a painting that was made by the students of Kopalvani – a residential school for the hearing impaired. The event tested the participants negotiation skills, their creativity and innovativeness in coming up with short-term business ideas through which they could clear the inventory while deriving maximum premium…