Thursday, 24 September 2015

Paramarsh 2015‬ Winners

The results after the gruelling tie-breaker round are as follows,
Heartiest congratulations to the winning teams!!!!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Samaadhan 2015 - Reflecting on the Past, Shaping the Future

"To learn, earn and then return - these are the three phases of life" - Jack Balousek.

Today, these three phases have collapsed and are being lived simultaneously by the new age student entrepreneurs. Samaadhan - a social entrepreneurship B-plan contest was organized by the Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club of IIM Raipur on 12th September, 2015 for this thriving student social entrepreneur community. The event was judged by Mr. Shantanu Modak, founder Director, Bookshelf Academy Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Saurabh Choubey, Director, IMS Learning Center Raipur and founder of Catalyst Education. Mr. Saurabh, an alumnus of IIM Raipur, and Mr. Shantanu, both social entrepreneurs, are well aware of the challenges to any new business venture and have overcome many of these in their own ventures.

The event was an effort to encourage and motivate the budding entrepreneurs to generate new and innovative ideas to tackle pressing social problems of the society as well as make the effort financially sustainable.

The event saw participation of more than 180 teams from premier B-schools across India such as other IIM’s, FMS Delhi, ISB, IIT Bombay (SJMSOM), MDI Gurgaon, etc. Ten teams were shortlisted for the final round who then had to present their idea through video conferencing. Business ideas to help the physically challenged, promote indigenous products, skill development programs, health problems and waste management were put forth with clarity and intricate details by each of the participating teams. A detailed business model, supply chain margins, financial statements forecasts, the teams had them all planned out. The passion and zeal with which each wanted to make a difference to the society was visible in the gleam of the eyes of each participant.

 The judges were very interested and intrigued by the business ideas presented. They tested every possible aspect involved in these plans through an intense question and answers process. After the whole process it was teams “Tripods” and “Social Fly” from ISB, Hyderabad which emerged as winners of the event.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Paramarsh 2015 - Online Consulting Case Challenge

                                     PARAMARSH - 2015


Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club of IIM Raipur brings to you Paramarsh - 2015, a Consulting Case Challenge. This consulting event focuses on finding innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for the challenges faced by an industry and also suggesting alternate paths/ strategies for the existing businesses.
Format of the Event:
  1. Paramarsh will comprise of a Single Round.
  2. The participants are expected to first register themselves in teams before the given registration date [9th September 2015 23:59].
  3. The case study containing the challenge would be floated once the registrations close. The teams would get a window of 5 days to submit their powerpoint presentations containing the solutions. Please note that the powerpoint presentation should have 5 - 8 slides with minimum empty space.
  4. The presentations should be mailed to with subject as "Paramarsh 2015".
  5. For more information and updates please like  and
  1. Maximum 3 participants per team are allowed.
  2. The participants must be from the same institute.
  3. If a member of a team is found participating in the contest in more than one team, all such teams shall be disqualified.
  4. The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.
  5. The powerpoint presentations should be 5 - 8 slides long with minimum empty space.
  6. Email submissions can be sent to with subject as "Paramarsh 2015".
  7. The information provided in the case is the sole intellectual property of Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club and is given to the team/ members of the team participating in Paramarsh solely for the purpose of the competition.
  8. Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. By entering any competition all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the rules and by any other requirements set out in the competition material.

Important Dates:
Deadline to Register: 9th September 2015 23:59:59
Case would be floated on: 10th September 2015
Deadline to submit case solution presentations: 14th September 2015 23:59:59


First Prize: Rs. 6,000
Second Prize: Rs. 4,000

Link to register:


Final submissions should be mailed to with "Paramarsh 2015" as subject line.
The submission should be in PPT format (5-8 slides).For more information and updates please like

Rucha Badhe     +91 7225018043
Shreya Agarwal   +91 7225018048
Mahi Teja R S       +9107225018150
You can also write to us at

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Consulting & Entrepreneurship Club of IIM Raipur 
presents to you 

SAMAADHAN 2015 - The Online Social Entrepreneurship 
B-Plan Competition

Reflecting on the Past, Shaping the Future

About Samaadhan
Being organized for the first time "Samaadhan" is a one of its kind National Level Online Social Business Plan competition by CEC, IIM Raipur. It aims to encourage and motivate budding entrepreneurs to crystallize new and innovative ideas to tackle pressing social problems of the society and provide them with an opportunity to interact with experts from industry, management, financing institutes and probable investors. 

Samaadhan will comprise of 2 rounds:
Round 1: In the first round participants are expected to register themselves and then submit executive summary of the B-plan in the specified format. Teams will be shortlisted based on the executive summary. 
Round 2: This is the final round, shortlisted teams are expected to make a presentation to the panelists and showcase their idea online via video calling platforms like G+, Skype. 

1. The B-plan competition shall be open to all graduate, undergraduate students and working professionals of the country.
2. Each team can comprise of a maximum of 4 members. Single person team is also allowed.
3. Team members can be of different colleges / organizations.
4. A particular team can send more than one plan.
5. One person will be the point of contact chosen by the team and all further communication will be intimated to the person through mail.
6. The teams should register themselves and then submit their executive summaries as a part of the first round.
7. Email submissions can be sent to with subject as "Samaadhan 2015"
8. Final PPTs to be presented in Round 2 should not exceed 10 slides.
9. Acceptance and rejections of business plan and executive summary of business plan are governed by rules and regulations of organizing committee. In case of any conflicts, call of organizers would be final.
10. In case of any query please contact the event coordinators.

Deadline to Register and submit Executive Summary3rd September 2015 11:59:59 PM
Declaration of results for Round 2: 5th September 2015 11:59:59 PM
Event Date: 10th September 2015

1st prize: 10000 INR
2nd prize: 5000 INR 

Participants have to register through the below link. Only Registered participants' Executive Summary is considered for Round 2. 

Executive Summary and Final submissions should be mailed to
Attached file is the sample format of Executive Summary.

P Ravi Kumar      +91 7225018099
Harshita Jaiswal   +91 8989544861
You can also write to us at

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Aakash 7.0 - the entrepreneurial meet

Aakash 7.0 – Challenges in an e-commerce start-up

“Give me whereon to stand and I shall move the Earth” - Archimedes

‘AAKASH 7.0’, the entrepreneurship meet, started on this note on Saturday, 29th of August, 2015, with a confluence of zealous entrepreneurs passionately driven towards their start-up dreams.
Aakash was started by the Consulting and Entrepreneurship club, IIM Raipur in 2013 with the vision to help start-ups, entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs to address the challenges in start-up businesses such as funding, resource allocation, hiring and planning as well as exploring business opportunities and building an entrepreneurial Eco-system in Raipur. And has already grown manifolds. The theme 7.0 was ‘Challenges in an e-commerce start-up’.

The meet saw participation from founders and promoters of varied start-ups, varied around not just the business models but also in terms of ideas and technology. The keynote speakers for the event were Mr. Aadesh Jain, founder 24*7 Health Care Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Prosenjit Bhattacharya, social media handler for konsole with 15 years of experience in mentoring and training, Mr. Shantanu Modak, Director – Bookshelf Academy Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Siddharth, promoter of the waterless car washing service, Mr. Mahendra Kurry, the brain behind, a food delivery service, and Mr. Suyash, promoter for

Aakash 7.0

The meet saw a healthy discussion between the entrepreneurs and the students from the institute, and revolved around the four key challenges faced by a start-up – that of integrating, funding, answering the going concern and tackling attrition. The entailing discussion was about the changing concept of pre-sales and post–sales in the digital era.

Mr. Shantanu tried to clear the fog over the confusion between an established company and a start-up. Mr. Siddharth spoke about the importance of determining the pain points of the market and offering a highly targeted product. The importance of technology in offering a highly competitive service was emphasized and established in great detail. While Mr. Suyash touched upon the operational challenges faced by an e-commerce start-up, Mr. Aadesh Jain recounted the funding struggles faced by many a start-up. While all these portrayed the positives of the digital world, Mr. Prosenjit Bhattacharya introduced a new dimension to the discussion by talking about the ill-effects of Facebook viralism.

The discussion ended on a high for both the students and the entrepreneurs with the students learning the inner mechanisms, hurdles and subsequent bottlenecks for an e-commerce start-up. The speakers, in the process of the discussion, gained newer perspectives from the other visiting entrepreneurs and students.

The meet was followed by an informal yet fruitful interaction between the entrepreneurs and the students with the former sharing their unique business vision with the budding entrepreneurs thus helping reduce the apprehensions of the young future entrepreneurs.


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